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Buzzshift Social Media Image Dimensions Featured

The Big Guide to Social Media Dimensions

The appearance of your company’s social media profiles can be just as important as the way your own website looks. Unfortunately, you have much less creative control on the social networks. You can only work within their standard templates and drop in your own images and text. And each network has its own standard sizes, […]

How Microblogging Can Solve Content Creation Gridlock

How Microblogging Can Solve Content Creation Gridlock

In the triathlon world, there’s a saying that goes, “You can’t win a race during the swim, but you can certainly lose it.” So it goes with a content strategy, and especially a company blog. It’s my opinion that even with all the fanfare around content strategy, creation alone won’t cut it. Innovative marketing, analysis, and […]

  • admin,
  • December 18, 2013
3 Design Tips for Creating Apps for Kids

3 Design Tips for Creating Apps for Kids

Our friends over at Oven Bits, an app design agency, have agreed to share some of their design expertise with our BuzzShift blog readers. Below is a post by Oven Bits designer Micah Davis. Be sure to check out their blog for upcoming posts from the BuzzShift team. Kids today are using technology from a […]

  • Micah Davis,
  • December 3, 2013

What Happens At Pubcon Doesn’t Stay At Pubcon

Several BuzzShifters went to Las Vegas for Pubcon 2013. They haven’t all disclosed exactly what they did while in Vegas, but they did bring back some useful insights from the conference itself. Here Michael, Mark, and Will share some of their thoughts about the value of Pubcon, and what they gained from the experience. From Michael […]

  • admin,
  • November 14, 2013
BuzzShift Goes to PubCon 2013

Viva Las PubCon

The BuzzShift offices—normally a hub of strategy meetings, indoor helicopter attacks, and dancing foxes—will be a bit quieter next week. That’s because several team members will be in Las Vegas for PubCon, one of the year’s must-attend digital conferences. Mark Barrera, our Chief Search Officer, will be one of the presenters at PubCon, which is […]

  • Kevin McConaghy,
  • October 18, 2013
How To Hire Your First Employee: 3 Steps To Ensure The Perfect Fit

3 Steps To Hiring Your First Employee

“People aren’t your most important asset. The RIGHT people are.” – Jim Collins “There are only two things in this world that grow for growth’s sake: cancer cells and bureaucracy.” – Eddy Badrina, paraphrasing Edward Abbey Recently I read Good to Great by Jim Collins [affiliate link], which talks about commonalities in companies that grew […]

  • ebadrina,
  • August 21, 2013
Crew of It Can Wait Verizon Commercial with Derek Holland

Behind the scenes with Buzzshift at the Verizon #ItCanWait commercial filming!

It Can Wait. That’s what the team at Buzzshift, as well as Verizon, want you to know when it comes to texting and driving. There’s nothing THAT important that you need to distract yourself from driving and potentially injure or even kill yourself or others. We decided a commercial with Derek Holland would be the […]


Buzzshift and Barrera Search Marketing Are Now Official

We are happy to announce that Barrera Search Marketing (owned and run by Mark Barrera) has been acquired by BuzzShift in our attempt to create an even more outstanding search marketing team. Put another way, we just did the business equivalent of “making it official.” Mark Barrera has worked with Buzzshift for a while, but like many of […]

  • admin,
  • August 8, 2013

Why Brand Marketers Should be Google Analytics Certified

Here’s a quick quiz for brand marketers: 1. What is bounce rate and has it risen or decreased on your homepage over the past two years? 2. How does Google Analytics know when a visitor has exited a page? 3. What are the top referral sites to your homepage? 4. What pages are visitors viewing […]


Why We Partnered With A Startup Paddleboard Company

What’s a Dallas-based company doing with a cool startup out of Santa Cruz and Austin? Well, one of Buzzshift’s strengths is our experience with branding and launching websites for e-commerce. Additionally, one of our core values is that we like to work with clients who are adventurous and trying to be innovative in their marketplace, […]