The year was 1997. A 13-year-old Aaron watched peak Tom Cruise running through Prague to draw out the mole who double-crossed him and his team in Mission: Impossible. That film began Aaron’s lifelong love of adventure, technology, global travel, storytelling, and exploding chewing gum.

20+ years later, Aaron’s mission, should he choose to accept it, is to lead strategy in digital marketing for his clients as a Senior Content Strategist. He has digital marketing experience in consumer, retail, political, and technology industries. Aaron has executed creative web, social, video, and all other manners of digital content for over 10 years.

His cover story is that of a typical elder millennial, who splits his time between movies at Alamo Drafthouse, Texas Rangers baseball, and walking White Rock Lake with his partner in every mission—his wife, Caroline—and their Whippet pup, Steve.

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