Several insights you may or may not need to know about our Director of Content & Creative, Allison Dupuis (listed in chronological order).

  • As a baby, Allison would only cry when someone hugged her.
  • Throughout elementary school, Allison would find a way to incorporate fruit bats into every school project. Unfortunately, she did not fare well in math and everyone thought she was a weirdo (especially her parents).
  • Allison is a nationally ranked jump rope champion. This is not a joke.
  • As a sociology major at the College of Wooster in rural Ohio, Allison studied and interviewed the Amish, veteran hitchhikers, and inmates.
  • Allison holds a masters degree in higher education and strategic planning. #HailToPitt
  • Allison has defeated a professional video game tester in Mario Kart more than once. Preferred finishing move: Bob-omb thrown forward.
  • Allison can still jump rope on her butt. This is also not a joke.

At BuzzShift, Allison prefers to communicate in less than 140 characters with gifs, emojis or the unnecessary fruit bat doodle.