Allison Dupuis

Director of Content & Creative

Allison has spent the last 10 years living and breathing digital everything, including community management, content strategy and
digital content execution.

Working closely with startups, individuals, universities, nonprofits and B2C and B2B brands, Allison currently manages BuzzShift’s digital strategy teams.

At BuzzShift, Allison prefers to communicate in less than 140 characters with gifs, emojis or the unnecessary
fruit bat doodle.

Little known facts about Allison (listed in chronological order).

  • As a baby, Allison would only cry when someone hugged her.
  • Throughout elementary school, Allison would find a way to incorporate fruit bats into every school project. Unfortunately, she did not fare well in math and everyone thought she was a weirdo (especially her parents).
  • Allison is a nationally ranked jump rope champion. This is not a joke.
  • As a sociology major at the College of Wooster in rural Ohio, Allison studied and interviewed the Amish, veteran hitchhikers, and inmates.
  • Allison holds a masters degree in higher education and strategic planning. #HailToPitt
  • Allison has defeated a professional video game tester in Mario Kart more than once. Preferred finishing move: Bob-omb thrown forward.
  • Allison can still jump rope on her butt. This is also not a joke.
  • As an “adult”, Allison now enjoys the occasional hug.

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