Behind the scenes with Buzzshift at the Verizon #ItCanWait commercial filming!

Behind the scenes with Buzzshift at the Verizon #ItCanWait commercial filming!

It Can Wait. That’s what the team at Buzzshift, as well as Verizon, want you to know when it comes to texting and driving. There’s nothing THAT important that you need to distract yourself from driving and potentially injure or even kill yourself or others. We decided a commercial with Derek Holland would be the best way to spread awareness, because, Derek Holland. As the saying goes (so they say), anything with Derek Holland is probably going to get interesting, and this commercial shoot was no exception to that rule.

The commercial consisted of filming Derek and a team of actors “driving” around downtown Dallas doing distracting things, and when Derek would try and text, everyone would stop what they were doing and freak out on him, because it’s never acceptable to text and drive.

Two different “sets” for the filming.

Buzzshift is awesome when it comes to the Internet, and Verizon is awesome when it comes to nationwide coverage and blistering 4G speeds, but neither of those can make a commercial. So what do you do in such a situation? You hire Brad Holt, owner of HoltArts, a badass and high-tech Dallas-based commercial video production company. Brad shoots on RED Cameras, which is basically the top-of-the-line HD camera. In addition to shooting on a kickass camera, did we mention the set? No big deal, it’s just a Tesla Model S, a fully-electric luxury sedan with everything from a 17″ touchscreen/command center, pop-out door handles, and a Frunk.

The RED camera being attached to the set.

Brad Holt (In purple)…being, well being Brad Holt.


So of course, you can’t really prepare food and drive, which is why we had to tow the set, a sight to be seen quite honestly. The crew at MPS Studios took care of that for us, easy as cake, one might say. However, when you tow a Telsa around Dallas, you’re going to need some escorts, so we got two! Two of Dallas’ finest escorted the set as we filmed around Downtown Dallas. Again, a sight to be seen.


The set, a Tesla Model S.


Each distracting activity required an outfit change, so we had to roll around downtown Dallas a few times, taking multiple takes, just get everything right. Once all the takes were completed, there was one final surprise. A cardboard cutout of Derek Holland, which, you guessed it, he posed with.

Derek Holland posing with a cardboard version of himself

Derek Holland being Derek Holland

After everything was said and done, we ended up with this commercial, a fine piece of work if you ask me.

So go take the #ItCanWait pledge to end texting and driving, and be a part of safer driving, no matter where you are!

Behind the scenes photos by Christie LaViolette.

Why We Partnered With A Startup Paddleboard Company

Why We Partnered With A Startup Paddleboard Company

What’s a Dallas-based company doing with a cool startup out of Santa Cruz and Austin? Well, one of Buzzshift’s strengths is our experience with branding and launching websites for e-commerce. Additionally, one of our core values is that we like to work with clients who are adventurous and trying to be innovative in their marketplace, regardless of size. Whether it’s an established company that’s 40 years old or one wanting to kickstart with a branding project, website experience or an SEO package, we resonate with them, and want to partner with them. Anchorboards, one of our newest clients, is an example of an innovative company in need of an integrated marketing and e-commerce solution.

Anchorboards provides products centered around a new hobby/sport, stand up paddleboarding. These 12 foot (more or less) boards are made to withstand a person or two standing up completely and paddling their way through the water, whether it’s a lake, river, or the ocean. Imagine the happy medium between a canoe and a surfboard.  And what’s great about SUPs (stand up paddleboards) is that they are versatile enough for fishing, surfing, and even yoga (don’t ask us to demonstrate it on White Rock Lake just yet).

Working alongside the founders of Anchorboard, Buzzshift took hold of the idea from the start and created the branding, website design and development with deep integration of an e-commerce section of the site. Paired with an ongoing SEO strategy and emerging social presence, we are hopeful and excited for our long-term partnership with them.

Check out Anchor Paddleboards when you get a chance, and show them some love on Facebook and Twitter.