[Update: we have published our Must-Attend Digital Conferences of 2016 list. Enjoy!]

Every year, the BuzzShift team reviews all the best digital conferences across the globe. All BuzzShift employees receive a yearly $1,500 conference budget to help them grow in their roles. The reality is, you can learn a lot from these conferences. Not only are you learning from the experts, but these conferences are also a great place to collaborate and build your network.

For 2015 we hand-selected a list of the “Must Attend” digital conferences based on overall quality, content, network opportunities, and potential key learnings.  Below is our list of the top 25 conferences to attend.





Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: January 6 – 9
Why you should attend: Typically, when you think of CES, you think of the expo floor where all the latest gadgets are on display in flashy booths. As marketers, what gets us excited is learning what you can do with all of the data from these new wearables, virtual reality sets, connected cars, and other devices.
Focus: Digital Media, Data, Insights 




SUMMIT – Digital Marketing Conference (by Adobe)

Where: Salt Lake City, UT
When: March 9-13
Why you should attend: Connect with other digital marketing leaders at Adobe’s Digital Marketing Conference. This conference features more than 120 sessions across nine tracks in all areas of digital marketing.
Focus: Campaigns, Analytics, Advertising, Social, Mobile Development, UX




SXSW Interactive

Where: Austin, TX
When: March 13-17
Why you should attend: Agencies and brands must stay relevant, and keeping up with technology is just the start. SXSW is all about learning and “keeping up.” Beyond that, there is no better conference in the world to network at than SXSW.  Yes, it is becoming almost too mainstream, and large brands have officially taken over the original startup vibe, but it is still a must for all digital marketers.
Focus: Generalists, Networking, Digital Strategy




Social Media Marketing World

Where: San Diego, CA
When: March 25-27
Why you should attend: To learn from industry pros and experts covering social media tactics, content creation, and social strategy.
Focus:  Social Media Strategy and Tactics, Content Marketing




NMX (New Media Expo)

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: April 13-16
Why you should attend: NMX is for people who create new media: bloggers, podcasters, and web video producers.
Focus: Blogging, Podcasting, Web Video, SEO




Hero Conf

Where: Portland, OR
When: April 27-29
Why you should attend: The Hero conference is one of the best conferences for Paid Media people in your office. It includes a hyper-curated group of speakers that are focused on PPC.
Focus: Paid Media, PPC, Adwords




HOW Design Live

Where: Chicago, IL
When: May 4-8
Why you should attend: Because you’re a designer searching for creative inspiration or wanting to enhance your skills.
Focus: Design




Collision Conference

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: May 5-6
Why you should attend: From the team at Web Summit and Rise Conference, Collision is a 10,000-person conference featuring more than 1,000 startups. If you work with startups, invest in startups, or are a startup, this is where you want to be.
Focus: Startups, Growth Hacking, Go-To-Market Strategies, Venture Capital




Conversion Conference

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: May 12-14
Why you should attend: Always Be Testing, right? So give this conference a try. Learn proven techniques for implementing A/B and multivariate tests that yield results for your business. Sessions focus heavily on case studies around overall conversions.
Focus: Campaigns, Analytics, Advertising, Social, Mobile Development, UX




Authority RAINMAKER – by Copyblogger

Where: Denver, CO
When: May 13-15
Why you should attend: Because you’re interested in design, content, traffic, and conversion. All of them. It’s a single-track conference. If you are just beginning to get your feet wet in digital marketing, this will give you a good overview.
Focus: Copywriting, Design, Email Marketing, Content Marketing




Ad:Tech SF

Where: San Francisco, CA
When: May 20-21
Why you should attend: To network; stay abreast of emerging trends; and share tactics, strategies, and insights with some of the best and brightest by the bay.
Focus: Ad Technology




Future Insights Live

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: June 1-4
Why you should attend: The ultimate conference for creators and builders of the web. Future of Insights Live continues to bring together some of the most thought-provoking speakers in the space. Think TED talks, but focused on design and development.
Focus: Web Design and Development




IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference+Exhibition)

Where:  Chicago, IL
When: June 2-5
Why you should attend: If you are involved with eCommerce in any way, this is the conference for you.
Focus: eCommerce





Where: Seattle, WA
When: July 13-15
Why you should attend: You’re an SEO professional or focused on analytics and conversion optimization, and you’re a Moz Pro subscriber (which gets you a significant discount—$500 at early bird rates).
Focus: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing





Where: New York City, NY
When: July 16-18
Why you should attend: If you work with any brand that is focused on or geared towards women, BlogHer is worth a look. Come to learn and to build your network of bloggers for your brands.
Focus: Blogging, Influencer Marketing




Content Marketing World

Where: Cleveland, OH
When: September 8-11
Why you should attend: Because you’re in charge of content creation, you need to come up with a better content marketing strategy, or you get fired up by terms like “epic content marketing.” Plus, Cleveland rocks.
Focus: Content Strategy, Integration, Measurement





Where: Boston, MA
When: September 8-11
Why you should attend: Learn from some of the best inbound marketers. Five keynote speakers, 170+ educational sessions, and over 10,000 attendees show up for Inbound as it hits on high-level topics around inbound marketing.
Focus: Generalists, Sales Professionals, Writers





Where: San Francisco, CA
When: September 15-18
Why you should attend: Dreamforce is Salesforce.com’s annual conference, and is the largest B2B conference in the world. Look into the future of B2B, marketing ideas, and hear from some of the most inspiring keynotes.
Focus: B2B




&Then (formerly DMA2015)

Where: Boston, MA
When: October 4-6
Why you should attend: Marketers should always be leveraging data to help inform them about what content they should be creating. This long-running but newly-rebranded event is about marrying data and creativity in everything from strategy to engagement and attribution.
Focus: Data-Informed Marketing





Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: October 5-9
Why you should attend: Traditionally Pubcon has been the creme de le creme of SEO conferences, but has evolved into one of the top social media and optimization conferences.
Focus:  SEO, Digital Marketing Tactics




Web Summit

Where: Dublin, Ireland
When:  October
Why you should attend: “Where the Tech World meets” is their slogan. This can’t be any more true.  Think SXSW circa 2007, but in Europe. The Summit provides the ultimate experience for technologists to come together and change the world.
Focus: Marketing Technology, Growth Hacking





Where: Scottsdale, AZ
When: October
Why you should attend: Be on the lookout for BOLO, an up-and-comer digital marketing conference. It’s small, almost intimate, with a cap of 250 attendees, which makes it easier to actually meet the speakers and get to know fellow conference-goers.  
Focus: Digital Marketing Tactics




State of Search

Where: Dallas, TX 
When: November
Why you should attend: Co-Founded by one of BuzzShift’s own, Mark Barrera, State of Search includes three tracks: SEO, PPC, and Social.
Focus: SEO, PPC




An Event Apart

Where: Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, DC, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco
When: Throughout the year
Why you should attend: You’re a designer or developer who wants to be among the best at what you do.
Focus: Design, UX




SMX – Search Marketing Expo

Where: Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, NYC, San Jose, Seattle
When: Throughout the year
Why you should attend: To stay on top of search, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing tactics and trends.
Focus: Search Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing