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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Trying to figure out the perfect gift to get the marketing agency worker in your life?


We can help. Our team, though small, runs the gamut of agency roles: photographer, designer, animator, copywriter, community manager, paid media manager, project manager, and whatever it is that Eddy does. We’ve asked them all what gifts they would recommend this year. Here are the results:

What: iPhone Privacy Screen Protector

Why: Get the best of both worlds: a screen protector to keep your iPhone scratch-free and privacy to keep your conversations and information private

Recommended by: Phillip, who we always assumed was hiding something.

What: A Love Supreme (Vinyl LP)

Why: A classic John Coltrane (my dog’s namesake) album. A must-have album on vinyl that works equally well as an introduction to jazz or a reminder of why it is a classic.  

Recommended by: Grant. Hit him up on Bumble.

What: Plush Rabbit Sleep Mask

Why: Because anyone who loves sleep as much as I do knows that 8+ hours of complete darkness is key. And since “adulting” probably means not having stuffed animals in bed, this is a great replacement. Work hard, sleep hard.

Recommended by: Allison, who also dresses her rabbit-sized dog as a shark.

What: Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard for Computer

Why: I hate using typewriters; they make it too difficult to edit documents, and Googling anything takes forever. But I do love the way they look, sound, and feel when you type on them. Enter (return?) the Qwerkywriter, a bluetooth keyboard that combines everything you like about manual typewriters with, well, a functioning delete key. Guaranteed to make you feel like every fictional fiction writer you’ve ever seen on TV.

Recommended by: Kevin, who often just writes using paper and pen.

What: Wheel of Manchego Cheese

Why: For all the lactose lovers. Perfect for holiday charcuterie boards & wine nights. This life-changing, Spanish, sheeps-milk cheese is the perfect gift for foodies, friends & family (or for yourself).

Recommended by: Elena, who has relatives in Spain who may or may not own sheep.

What: Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

Why: Who wouldn’t want the sweet, sweet sight of reputation tickets under the tree? (Don’t answer that, haters). Ideal for anyone with excellent taste in music and pop stars.

Recommended by: Taylon, who has a Reputation as being a verified fan.

What: Sterling Silver Ball of Yarn

Why: Why wouldn’t someone want a sterling silver hand spun ball of yarn? I would give this to someone who likes to knit or a fashionista.

Recommended by: Madison, a fashionista.

What: Apollo Peak Dog Wine

Why: The perfect gift for winos and crazy dog moms alike (and their furry friends). A bottle of Malbark, ZinfanTail, or CharDogNay wrapped up under the tree for your good doggo is sure to get tails wagging. A truly useful and practical gift, Apollo Peak’s fine canine vintage dog wines help to combat rotten doggy breath and drinking alone. Talk about a win-win.

Recommended by: Amanda, and her drunk dog Samson.

What: Thomas Mason White Oxford by Proper Cloth

Why: I mean, who doesn’t appreciate (or have enough) tailor-made, Italian milled white oxfords? It’s a classic piece for any man’s wardrobe.

Recommended by: Eddy, who wears a different white shirt every day.


What’s your must-have gift this Christmas?[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]