Screw #FollowFriday. One, it’s oversaturated now. How many people do you actually follow as a result of one of those tweets? Two, you can’t explain why they are worthy to be followed. So, why not start the week out right by following these brilliant netizens, tweeps, and bloggers:

North (Detroit, MI)
Scott Monty. He’s the head of social media marketing at Ford Motor Company, and host of (who knew?). Why do we follow him? Because we tend to work with medium-sized companies and non-profits who want to be big one day, we appreciate his insights on how he communicates for a global brand, and how he combines a fast moving industry (social media) with the gigantic bureaucracy that is Ford. His blog:

South (Austin, TX)
Aaron Strout. He’s the CMO at Powered Inc. in Austin, our second favorite city besides Dallas. Why do we follow him? He has the uncanny ability to sniff out the latest trends in social media and separate the wheat from the chaff. He stirs up the pot on Twitter – his twitt-ersations keep us hitting the refresh button. His blog: Citizen Marketer 2.1.

East (Boston, MA)
Tamsen McMahon. She is the Director of Digital and Strategic Initiatives at Sametz Blackstone Associates, and is the partner-in-crime with Amber Naslund at Brass Tack Thinking. Why do we follow her? She is always thinking about what is next, and how to apply those thoughts to practical marketing and PR applications. Our favorite post that she’s authored: 4 Things You Need to Know about Influence.

West (Silicon Valley, CA)
Jeremiah Owyang. He’s a partner at Altimeter Group. Why do we follow him? His reports from Altimeter are mind-blowingly deep, and the things that they produce influence us immensely in the way that we think about reporting and monitoring, two things that are vastly overlooked in the digital marketing world. His blog: Web Strategy.

Who do you follow?