Ad tech can be seen as a blessing or a curse. It can simplify your job as an advertiser, or seemingly make it more complex. It can give you better returns on your advertising dollar, but it also costs money in and of itself.

For this week’s FYI Friday, here are some interesting recent articles on the state of ad tech:

  1. Where Are You in the Ad Tech Food Chain? – This article highlights the disparity between what an advertiser spends and what the publisher actually gets. For us, we constantly question how we can add more value to that chain, and how can we lessen the costs for our clients (the advertiser) by being smarter about, and aware of, newer and more efficient ad technologies. If you don’t know how efficient you are in the food chain, or if this isn’t even familiar to you, you should definitely give us a call.
  2. Ad Tech May Be Getting More Complicated, But CMOs Don’t Want to Hear About it – We hear this a lot from clients implicitly, mainly through “let me see the end results and give me the supporting data later” type statements. And they are right. Ad tech and the agencies using them should be like UPS: it only matters when a package ends up in your hands, not how.
  3. Face it: Facebook (THE Social Ad Platform) is the Internet for Many People – By now, you’ve probably seen Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 year plan for Facebook. But if you dig deeper beyond the altruistic plans of connecting underdeveloped countries to the internet, the financial play is obvious: he wants a platform to show the world more ads….and sell that ad space to advertisers. Read this Economist article in light of that, and you will realize the grand scope and ambition to be the world’s broadest and most saturated ad tech platform.
  4. The New Career Route: Agency-to-AdTech-Back-to-Agency – Looking for a lucrative career for the next 10-20 years (at least)? Start at a digital agency as a lowly coordinator, go get some experience in the ad tech world, and come back being highly sought-after. The reality is in today’s agency world, it’s becoming (almost) all digital, and that digital media is being bought, distributed and shown in a programmatic way. As long as there are ads in the world, you’ll probably have a job if you know the technology behind it.