As a digital agency, marketing technology plays a role in pretty much everything we do. Here, Chief Strategy Officer Eddy Badrina shares what he’s been reading this week to stay on top of marketing technology news.

  1. Here’s where we’re looking first for stock footage – TechCrunch

Pond5 is the latest player in the world of stock visual assets, but this marketing technology company’s forward thinking and emphasis on video, as well as an “artist-first” mentality, has us intrigued and optimistic for its success. The fact that Google’s VP for global agency sales joined the board only boosts its prospects for growth.

  1. “Investing in product” attracts investors – TechCrunch

Quiet and steady growth is the key to Intercom’s success as a marketing and customer engagement platform. Their sixth round of funding, at an estimated $50mm, brings their haul to right around $116mm over four years. We like their intense focus on building a really great product, which has been adopted by some of our other favorite marketing technology companies, like Invision, Moz, and Shopify.

  1. Forget Skynet; AI is taking over online sales – TechCrunch

Another four year old martech company that is making waves, Persado‘s is an artificial intelligence (AI) based copywriting service. Originally used to just optimize existing marketing messages, they have improved the AI so that it can now craft messages itself, with parameters input by the user. “The company has cataloged 1 million words and phrases that marketers use in their copy, and scored those words based on sentiment analysis and the structure of marketing pitches defined by a message’s format, linguistic structure, description, emotional language, and its actual call to action.”

It’s not going to replace our beloved Kevin or Taylon, but it may eventually help them out a lot!

  1. Making money on Medium – Marketing Land

Medium, the blogging platform founded by Blogger and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, is now letting publishers use the platform to post content and then make money from native ads or paid subscriptions. The kicker for us is that “Medium eventually plans to make it so that publishers’ Medium posts can be reformatted as Facebook Instant Articles or Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Google-backed mobile web alternative to Facebook’s quick-loading format.”

  1. Sorting through the marketing technology stack – eMarketer

Pulling it all together, the biggest theme in marketing technology is that marketers are going away from an all-in-one approach to marketing platforms. “A lot of marketers decided that they want a best-of-breed collection of whatever it is—half a dozen or so different products, maybe two or three main platforms and a collection of more specialized capabilities to work with those platforms. People are getting comfortable with that, partly because vendors have done a much better job on the integration side.”