We are happy to announce that Barrera Search Marketing (owned and run by Mark Barrera) has been acquired by BuzzShift in our attempt to create an even more outstanding search marketing team. Put another way, we just did the business equivalent of “making it official.” Mark Barrera has worked with Buzzshift for a while, but like many of the best relationships, we had to make sure the decision was right. You could say the early dating phase is over and now the relationship is official.

The move had our clients in mind most of all, seeing how Barrera Search Marketing’s expertise and experience in search marketing, coupled with the current search team at Buzzshift, could be a knockout combination for our current and upcoming clients.  That of course, is all in the context of Buzzshift’s amazing digital strategy team of Eddy Badrina, Cameron Gawley, and others who aspire to be cutting edge, creative brand marketers in today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Adding Mark’s team to the mix just made sense.

The clients of Barrera Search Marketing will benefit from better services in social media marketing, content marketing, other services offered by Buzzshift and of course all of this in addition to an even better search marketing strategy, analysis, and implementation with Buzzshift’s new search team.

About Barrera Search Marketing:

Barrera Search Marketing was founded in 2010 with an emphasis on creating organic and paid search campaigns for brands with a strong online presence.  Barrera Search Marketing focuses on using data to make informed decisions that will increase qualified traffic and increase conversions for clients. President Mark Barrera served as the past President and Chairman of the DFW Search Engine Marketing Association and currently serves as the President of the Social Media Club of Dallas.