Team BuzzShift is psyched for South by South West Interactive March 9-13 in Austin, TX.
We’re legit SxSW hustlers (we’ve attended five years) and have our pre-conference strategy down. Here are some tips we swear by to get the most out of your SXSWi experience, BuzzShift style.

What’s Your Game Plan?

– Have an agenda going into the conference. Ask yourself: What do I want to get out of it?  and what am I going to do as followup when the party’s over?

– SXSWi experience can be divided into three types: learning, partying, connecting. Don’t stress about the first one, or you will get #tiredhead by Sunday. Don’t overdo the second one, or else you w ill get #tiredhead by Saturday. You can’t overdo the third one.


– Plan your panels, but double/triple up in case the one you are in sucks. Sit by the doors so you can escape.

– Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. You never know who you’ll meet. Hell, it could even be your next client/vendor/donor.

– Bring one of these. You will be everyone’s best friend. And if you have an iPhone, buy one of these Mophis. Now. Otherwise, your phone will be dead by 2pm.

– Track what’s going on during the conference using and the #sxswi hashtag.

– Don’t stress out over making or not making a panel. Every panel has a hashtag, so if you need to catch up on one, just follow it.

– Panels are ALL OVER town. Consider renting/bringing a bike during the day. Think twice about going to a panel at the Radisson. #justsayin


– Don’t be afraid to ditch your friends. You’ll see them back at the office on Wednesday (or Thursday).

– Don’t get drunk with your company tee on. Enough said.

– Pedi-cabs are awesome, but haggle with them on price. Taxis are for fools. Don’t even think about walking.

– RSVP for every party, and then choose what you want to go to on that day. Use

– Drink lots of water. Drinks before 9pm: club soda with lime, lattes, bubble tea, always bubble tea.

– Schedule a massage for Tuesday/Wednesday. Trust us.


– Know that you are going to miss some people. Pick and choose who you want/need to talk to.

– Connect with people online before seeing them in person.And warn your Twitter friends that you will be live tweeting, so they won’t get annoyed by your feed for 4 days.

– Read this:

– Identify all the local coffee shops for a quick escape/meeting.

– For curing the inevitable Sunday hangover, try the brunch at Moonshine Grill or the Magnolia. We’ll be at Moonshine, come hell or high water.

And the most important BuzzShift tip: Connect with our team there @eddybadrina and @cgawley to meet up with us. Here is Eddy’s panel schedule, and Cameron’s is forthcoming. We would love to see you!