Being in the digital world means going to plenty of Search, PPC, Social Media, SEO, insert-acronym-here conferences. There are plenty of reasons to go, even some serious ones, not just because you want to escape the office for a week. You can learn a lot at conferences, like where the SEO industry is headed at Pubcon Las Vegas, or how social media helps brands at Social Media Marketing world in San Diego. In addition to learning from the experts, conferences are a great place to collaborate and network with your industry peers. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of what conferences we think are important, so maybe we’ll get to collaborate and network with you!

We’ve already been to New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld) at the beginning of the year, but it’s only February and there are SO many conferences to attend in 2013. Of the hundreds of digital conferences out there, here are some we are thinking about going to:

[one_third]Online Marketing Summit Sam Diego 2013 [/one_third]

Online Marketing Summit in San Diego – February 11-13

[one_third]South by Southwest Austin SXSWi 2013[/one_third]

South by Southwest in Austin – March 8-17


[one_third]Social Media Marketing World San Diego 2013[/one_third]

Social Media Marketing World  in San Diego – April 7-9

[one_third]Ad Tech San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

AdTech in San Francisco – April 9-10


[one_third]Conversion Conference San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

Conversion Conference in San Francisco – April 15-17 (we’ll probably go to the one in Chicago in June)


[one_third]Future of Insights Las Vegas 2013[/one_third]

Future of Insights in Las Vegas – April 29 – May 3


[one_third]99% Conference New York City 2013[/one_third]

99% Conference in New York City – May 2-3


[one_third]BiMedia Agency Summit Austin 2013 [/one_third]

iMedia Agency Summit in Austin – May 5-8

[one_third]Search Marketing Expo SMX Advanced Seattle 2013[/one_third]

Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle – June 11-12


[one_third]Conversion Conference Chicago 2013[/one_third]

Conversion Conference in Chicago – June 11-13


[one_third]Inbound Marketing Summit San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco – June 18-19

[one_third]How Design Live San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

HOW Design Live – San Francisco – June 22-26


[one_third]Affiliate Summit[/one_third]

Affiliate Summit – Philadelphia – August 18-20

[one_third]Content Marketing World Cleveland 2013[/one_third]

Content Marketing World in Cleveland (yes, Cleveland) – September 9-12


[one_third]Search Engine Strategies SES San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

Search Engine Strategies in San Francisco – Sept 10-13

[one_third]eMetrics Summit Boston 2013[/one_third]

e-Metrics in Boston – September 29 – Oct 3


[one_third]PubCon Las Vegas 2013[/one_third]

PubCon in Las Vegas– October 21-25


[one_third]Pivot Conference New York City 2013[/one_third]

Pivot Con in New York City – Oct 15-16


[one_third]Dreamforce San Francisco 2013[/one_third]

Dreamforce in San Francisco – November 18-21

Which conferences are you thinking of attending? Are there any that we are missing?