SXSWi has left our fearless leaders, Eddy Badrina and Cameron Gawley, inspired, excited, and soaked to the bone.  While they were making connections and trying to stay dry, Team BuzzShift kept tabs on what was happening in Austin.  Here’s a quick view of what crossed our radar.


One of the first panels of the day Brands as Patterns highlighted the importance of user participation in branding. For more insight on the topic, check out the Brands as Patterns original article.

Our favorite tweets:

@catmatson What defines a digital-first brand? It’s designed to be distinctive, relevant and active #sxswi#patterns

@MAadman123 “We need people who can formulate patterns between unconnected things in a comprehensive way, to build brands” #patterns #sxsw

@miketeasdale The reward of successful branding is dopamine. the future of connecting with consumers is through happiness. #SXSWi #brandpatterns #patterns

Another interesting panel was Keeping Loyal Consumers Engaged While Shaking Sh*t Up with Co-Founder and CEO of Thrillist, Ben Lerer.

Our favorite tweets:

@JessColumbo “Build talent.. it’s not just a job, but a career… The culture of a business comes through in the product” #ThrillPnl #sxswi

@grantnorwood One true key to shaking sh*t up: never take the success you’re having for granted. Have a lack of willingness to be comfortable. #sxswi

The Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra on Google+ was much talked about. Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of, as moderator didn’t hold back any punches. We learned the definition of Google+ user is someone who signs up for G+, creates a profile, and comes back to G+ “optimized” service and the majority of content shared on Google+ is shared privately to circles. The fireside concluded in a heated debate over Google ads on Google+ and releasing an API, with vague responses from Vic Gundotra.

One of the most talked-about panels of the day was  about Maker culture and ad agencies from We Made This, and it’s Not an Ad with Robbie Whiting, Dir. of Creative Tech & Production at Duncan/Channon.

Our favorite tweets:

@saignacio“The old way was to make objects, now we need to make experiences”- @robbiewhiting #wemadethis #sxsw

@waepoint Making culture is growing outside the organization, becomes infectious when unleashed inside of it. #sxsw #wemadethis

@gregswan “Advertising is the price companies pay for being unoriginal.” #wemadethis #sxsw

The takeaway from SXSWi Thursday sessions emphasized content and promoting user participation. Content is sharing a story experience with your audience. Storytelling not only as brand-building, but also as a way of taking people to where you want them to be.

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