SXSWi day two brought more rain to Austin and more opportunities to exchange ideas with the best technologists and thought leaders around. Discussions of the future of Internet and innovation were combined with lots of coffee, great music and ponchos. Eddy Badrina, our CSO scored tickets to see a surprise Jay Z show and met up with Fast Company and tech leaders. Cameron Gawley, our CEO led the pack as a Top Influencer at SXSWi and brought back 1999 at the Third Eye Blind concert. We heard the guys managed to find a secret wine party, but we can’t confirm details…

While they were hustling, Team BuzzShift kept tabs on what was happening in Austin.  Here’s a quick view of what crossed our radar.


Friday sessions kicked off with Enterain or Fail: Brands as the New Publishers and focused on the role of publisher and content creator means moving beyond old-school push-message advertising.

Our favorite tweets:

@runningstp Because social media is 24/7, brands need to market to their audiences continuously. @redbull is a good example of this. #entertain #sxsw

@jamiecole It’s not 100 million TV households, it’s 1 billion devices. #SXSW #entertain #brandjournalism

A panel with a twist was Y Rappers R Better Marketers than U and enjoyed a standing room only. Needless to say, the discussion on twitter made fans out of us.

Our favorite tweets:

@alemsah #Rappers Stay legit, Lookout for a bigger venue, Name check, Master social, F**k the rules, Manufacture controversy, Reflect culture. #SxSW

@emmyjaynehayes Hustler mentality. Hustler brand. Committed to that Persona. #sxsw #rapper

@chicklitter rappers understand their audience better than their audience understands them #sxsw #Rappers

We also checked out panels Everything is a Remix, So Steal Like an Artist, and  How to Become a Next Generation Media Company.

Our friends @tmonhollon and @mikedmerrill: were featured on Your Marketing Sucks, Why You Need to Think Local. Cameron weighed in on Intellectual Property Issues in Social Media and gave some infograph love:

@cgawley Everything Your Employees Need to Know About Social Media [Infographic] #SXSWi #SXSW – (im a sucker for infographics)

The panel that Team Buzzshift was most excited for at SXSWi was The Curators and the Curated. The discussion centered around the relationship between publishers of original content and the web’s most influential curators. Articles featured in the session can be found here and here. Storify tweets found here.

Team Buzzshift actively participated in discussion and added much to the twitter stream:

@cgawley Introduction to “The Curator’s Code” – A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web #sxsw #curation

@cgawley Huffington Post is one of the best examples of #curation. At the same time, they blend it with originally created and contributed content.

@cgawley: Content should be a blended approach // The 3 C’s of Content Marketing – 1. Created 2. Contributed 3. Curated #curation #sxsw

@cherrypick Brands have the largest opportunity to curate content… It allows them the opportunity to become though leaders. #sxsw #curation

@cherrypick Curation is about not getting pulled by my interests but by someone else’s interests – @carr2n #curation #sxsw via @petewootton @smydrad

and pointed out a missing element in the curation discussion:

@cherrypick The #curation panel is missing the boat: it’s all about the SEO value of the curated content and the brand value of being a thought leader.

Content curation is a key principle at BuzzShift. SXSWi was the perfect opportunity to preview Cherry Pick, a curated content app much like Huffington Post, but puts the user in the curation command seat and offers attribution. Cherry Pick will launch soon, for updates and more info check out the TwitterFacebook Page, and here on the BuzzShift blog.

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