Managing Director

About Grant

In his role as Managing Director, Grant manages relationships with clients and makes sure that the internal team has all of the information/assets they need for creating something awesome.

Grant spends most mornings and evenings listening to podcasts (his favorites are The Bill Simmons Podcast, Reply All, and The Watch) and his music choices consist primarily of the Hamilton Cast Recording (he saw the original cast on Broadway and he will still constantly talk about it), Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and his Stephen Sondheim playlist.

*Interesting fact

The most difficult decision he’s made in his life is whether to give President Obama a handshake or a fist bump (he went with a handshake and still has doubts of if that
was the right choice).

Little known facts about Grant

After the 2012 campaign, Grant worked at Centro in Chicago and then CLS Strategies in D.C., before moving to Texas and joining BuzzShift.