Native Advertising

Native Advertising

It’s similar to TV or movies. It’s a way to promote the content of our advertisers in a more ingrained way that’s built into the design of our properties. -Tom Cochran, CTO, Atlantic Media

Things said by no one: “Hey, a pop-up ad. Great. I’ll click it…” Ever since the days of Napster, we have dealt with irrelevant spammy ads placed, out of context, on our computer screens that only serve as a nuisance. It’s not like the web is a place that people are focused, but we do have goals and questions we want to answer and that male enhancement ad just isn’t what we were looking for.

Seriously though, as online marketers, we are tasked with the tough job of making, creating, and placing relevant content before users that will generate clicks and be relevant to them in regards to a business’ goals. Native advertising has just arisen as the best solution to this problem where super relevant content is placed among other bits of similar content. Imagine an item in a Facebook Newsfeed that looks like a posted article from a friend, and it would be something you’d click like it was, but it’s actually a sponsored ad. Basically, native advertising reaches consumers where they’re already browsing, serving contextually relevant content that also generates clicks.

BuzzShift takes vibrant and engaging content, all with a strategy guiding its creation, and we place it in relevant contexts that users will most likely engage. It’s all a matter of keeping up with what users are looking for in your industry and creating top quality content that they want to read. The placement is next.

BuzzShift can find those places that your audience frequently visits, help generate clicks that lead to conversions, and get you more business.


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