Update: Starting September 8, Open Office Hours at Buzzshift are now every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 12:00pm-2:00pm

Ask Questions, Get Advice, Share Ideas, and Grow Your Network.

Our college days may be behind us, but we think there’s something to be said for that back-to-school vibe: Eager, anxious and a little blasé all at once (you can’t seem too excited to get back to class, after all). After the first few weeks, once you settled into a routine and began to remember classmates’ names, there were still always opportunities to run into new faces, make new connections and, if you were lucky, find that professor who just got you. Mine was Dr. Tate, and she knew which buttons to push to coax the best work out of me. Despite a bit of a rocky start, I grew to respect her opinion on matters both academic and personal. Her door was always open; even when it was literally closed. All you had to do was knock and there she was. We’ll come back to this here in a minute.

For those of you who have followed Buzzshift over the past several years, you may recall something called Open Office Hours. It was a time when we opened our doors to friends, clients, other colleagues and whoever else might want to drop in to bounce ideas around, learn what each other were working on and discuss what was going on in our industry.

In the spirit of sharing ideas and helping each other grow, we’ve brought back Open Office Hours here at Buzzshift. We want to hear what’s going on with you, what you’ve been working on, talk through ideas or thoughts you’ve got bouncing around in your head. Come hang out, get to know us and meet some new people. There might even be a dog or two cruising around.

Sound intriguing? RSVP here and come on by!

Now briefly back to Dr. Tate. As satisfying as I’m sure it was to catch a glimpse of my undergraduate life, there was a point to my Dr. Tate story, which is simply this: Sometimes all you have to do is knock. We’ll be here, all you have to do is come on in.

P.S. Pizza will be provided. You’re welcome.

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