Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

The billboards of the internet.

The internet has completely change the way business’ advertise their brand. Before ever setting foot in your store, a potential customer can find information about your business, other customers experiences, and your competitors cost with a click of a button. Online Display Advertising helps take the traditional classified ads from your newspaper and billboards from the street and takes them to your potential customer’s computer screen.

Unlike traditional text ads or classified ads, Online Display Advertising has the ability to target who sees your ad and when they see it. This online presence leads to increased brand awareness and traffic for your website. And keeping with the latest technology on how to best reach customers, BuzzShift stays up to date with the growth of both Programmatic Buying (for those who haven’t heard, this is the latest in online marketing technology using algorithms and AI to target and present the most relevant ads to users) and Performance Display.


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