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Organizing And Optimizing Their Content

The Top Note Taking App

About the Project.

One of the “oldest” startups in the Bay Area, Evernote is the ultimate productivity tool, with its ability to store notes, organize them, and search all your notes, even the handwritten ones photographed and uploaded to the app. As Evernote matured, with over 225 million users, they discovered that their target audiences used Evernote differently, depending on their line of work.

Their challenge: advise their team on how to communicate, attract, and sign on new (paying) users to their Plus and Premium plans.

How we Helped.
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What we Did

Content Strategy


Paid Media

Features vs Values

BuzzShift helped Evernote to focus more on user value propositions, and less on feature sets. Evernote has since seen incremental growth in one of their most important products, Evernote Premium, and their revised information architecture has helped them maintain a #2 ranking in search engine results for “note taking app.”