Which Wich

To Go.

Optimizing WhichWich.com for Mobile Conversions

Refreshing a Stale Website.

Times have changed, but the WhichWich website remained mostly the same. As a custom-built site, it was difficult to make even minor updates, let alone a complete overhaul. As a result, they were missing out on potential sales and mobile traffic.

Web Development

Content Creation

User Experience

Seemless Brand Extension

Made to Order.

Our job was to create a new website for Which Which: one that would improve conversions, especially on mobile, and be simple to update as menu items and offers changed.

We built the new mobile-responsive version of the site in WordPress, with an updated UX design and clear calls to action. Using an established CMS allowed us to complete the project quickly, and at a lower cost, while also making ongoing updates easy to manage.

A Superior Sandwich Site.

Overall conversion rate
increased year over year.

Mobile-only revenue
increased year over year.

Increased total site traffic
and online revenue.

CMS allowed client to
make fast updates.