Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of controlling factors which search engines use to evaluate and rank websites in search engine results.

Over half of the clicks on the first page of search results go to the first organic result. That’s for the top ranking. Anyone with a brain will tell you that’s a good place to be. From Google to Bing, each search engine you use has a specific algorithm that displays certain pages higher in its results than others based on your search. Ranking on that first page increases the chance of potential customers clicking on your page, and buying your product.

But at BuzzShift, we don’t want to only increase your ranking.

A lot of SEO is sold on the basis that the client will increase in rankings. An increase in rankings is meaningless, unless it translates to a desired action. Likewise, Traffic can be a poor metric. The Traffic needs to turn into a relationship, sale, or inquiry. Marketing spend needs to be justified in terms of the bottom line as it comes back to revenue.

At BuzzShift, we turn that traffic into a relationship, sale, or inquiry.

SEO is a core for your online presence. If it is done correctly from the very beginning, you will benefit from your website investment. This is where BuzzShift comes in.

We provide:

SEO is a discipline of identifying relevant search terms, and keywords, and then carrying out site development, and content optimization, ‘on-page’, whilst determining the most appropriate link development activities ‘off-page’. BuzzShift’s list of quality indicators is proven from our successful experience in search.


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