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“How do I avoid manual posting on Google Plus but make it as lively as my other social accounts?”

UPDATE: Unfortunately IFTTT no longer works with Twitter, so this article serves as a look back into happier days. If this changes for the better, we’ll be sure to update the post!

We live in an internet of things, or at least that’s what we read…on the internet.

Although there are many things on the internet, we are going to be talking about your social things today, specifically making the networks you neglect (*cough* Google Plus *cough*) as active as your Facebook or Twitter.


If you’re like Team BuzzShift, when it comes to social networks, you probably have one or two, or twenty. Managing those twenty networks is a pain, especially if you want to push out the same stuff to multiple networks. The problem is there’s not automatic-push; it’s all manual.

Enter IFTTT, which is short for If This, Then That.

IFTTT is a startup that’s tagline is “put the internet to work for you” and it does just that. It’s a pretty brilliant idea: if you do something on the internet, something else happens as a result. IFTTT calls that action a “recipe” with the first action being called a “trigger,” while the resulting action is called…well, the “action.”

Let’s give you an example of a recipe. If you post a status update to Facebook (Trigger), then post that update to Twitter as well (Action). There are plenty of recipes you can create, and you can share them as well, so others can get in on your awesome IFTTT action. Get it?

Got it?


The networks you make the recipe with (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are called “channels”, and there are 49 of them, all viewable here.

Now we’re not going to go over all the different ways you can use those channels, as that would spoil the fun. However, we will be going over make your Google+ seem alive, thanks to your Twitter. Are you ready? Let’s go for it!

Bringing Your Google Plus to Life

Step 1. Sign Up for IFTTT.

Step 2. Connect IFTTT to your Twitter account.

Step 3. Go to voice.google.com, sign in (or up) with the SAME Google account that you use Google Plus with.

Step 4. Within Google Voice, navigate to the settings tab. (see screenshot below)

Twitter to Google Plus IFTTT Google Voice Settings

Step 5. Navigate to the “Voicemail & Text” tab, and turn on “Text Forwarding

Step 6. Click on the red “TEXT” button on the left side of Google Voice, and send a test message to 33669. Include something witty, for good measure.

Step 7. You’ll get a text back from Google saying it didn’t comprehend your message and your amazing humor. That doesn’t matter though.

Step 8. Go to your Gmail Inbox, and you should have received an email with the same text as the response from Google.

Step 9. Look at the “from” address, it should be something like: 15551234567.33669.adsfasdfasdf@txt.voice.google.com or broke in confusing text format: GoogleVoiceNumber.Google+NumberYouMessaged.RandomLetters@txt.voice.google.com
Copy that address.

Step 10. You’ll also need to verify your Google Voice number with Google+ before you can start the magic, but that’s a fairly simple step. Just click this link, add your Google Voice number, and wait for the verification code to transmit via the internet of things to Google Voice. Enter that code within the Google+ page, and you’re verified.

Step 11. Now that that’s all done, you need to make the IFTTT recipe. The recipe should be as follows: “If New Tweet by @you, send an email from YOUR GMAIL”. Now for the specifics under the “Send an email” Action step:

– To Address: 15551234567.33669.adsfasdfasdf@txt.voice.google.com (You copied this earlier)

– Subject: UserName

– Body: Text

Step 12. After all the info is entered, hit the big blue “create recipe” button at the bottom and BOOM, your Google + account is regenerated. Now your tweets will go to Google+ and  some plus 1 love!

(Pssst…if Step 10 is too confusing, then just use this.)
What do you think?

– Will you be making your own  IFTTT recipe?

– If you have, how does it work? Do you love IFTTT as much as we do?

We hope this was as fun for you as it was for us. Tune in next week, when we talk about something else…on the internet…of things.[divider top=”0″][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]