Want your social media department’s slang to be on fleek?

Trick question. If you’re using “on fleek” in a non-ironic way, you’ve already lost. In the fast-moving world of internet slang, on fleek is old AF.

Since we work with some brands that interact heavily with teens and millennials, we are constantly looking at where they are hanging out online (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) and listening to what they are saying, as well as how they are saying it. Sometimes it can be Greek to social media marketers, so we’ve decided to put together a list of the internet slang phrases that are trending these days.

Be careful, though. If you don’t know what the slang words mean, or you use them outside of the proper context, teens and millennials will call you out as “extra” real quick.

Internet Slang Glossary

hi babies. still sick af but missing you and loving you and thanking you for the well wishes.

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 31, 2016

AF (adv.)

Intensifier. Short for “as f*ck”. Usually abbreviated on social media to stay under the parental censors, or just to save characters. As in, “someone buy me a sandwich I’m hungry af.”

Bonus: “goals AF.” Denotes how envious you are of a situation or a photo. For example, a photo of a loving couple might be captioned “relationship goals af.”

Bonus bonus: “goals” by itself is played out. Just stop using it. But “goals AF” is very much a thing.

what’s not okay is putting someone on blast for simply trying to get to know you..y’all really act like you don’t know how to curve politely

— jaz (@jazhasfreckles) June 1, 2016

curve (verb)

To subtly reject a romantic advance. As in, “I’m not really feeling him, so I gots to curve.”

Bonus: “Nope out” (whole sentence) is the act of curving someone. As in, Q: “You hanging with Taylor lately?” A: “Nope out.”

Related: to “ghost” someone is a more blatant rejection. You just literally stop all forms of communication with them. It can be used outside of romantic relationships, as well: “I started my internship and truly went ghost on Twitter and like every other social media hahaha.”

We deadass are in a generation where couples care more about how they look on social media than the quality of their relationship.

— Khady D.  (@HeidiMontana) June 1, 2016

deadass (adj.)

Seriously. As in, “that’s deadass a funny Musical.ly vid.”

Bonus: if you don’t know what the Musical.ly app is, well then…

This mess is so extra. You can just ignore the text and delete the thread, lord. https://t.co/JPZVnDwgns

— #LitLikeDes (@desdollas) June 2, 2016

extra (adj.)

Someone who is acting over the top, trying way too hard, or saying something that is inappropriate or out of place. This is not a good thing, especially in social media marketing; it would mean that the audience sees that you’re trying to be something you’re not. As in, “He tryna fit in but he extra.”

can I charge my dog rent? LA ain’t cheap fam

— Brennen Taylor (@BrennenTaylor) June 2, 2016

fam (noun)

Short for family, and can be used in the singular or plural. As in, “Sup, fam.” or “Grab the fam, we’re going to hit up Whataburger in 5 minutes.”

The biggest finesse of the season https://t.co/lLI37bPomA

— Lú Will.  (@Mike_OnTheMic) May 31, 2016

finesse (verb or adj.)

to smooth out or to be elegant. As in, “I’m gonna finesse my outfit before we leave tonight,” or “That’s finesse.”

i’m highkey jealous of everybody that went to the Beyoncé concert last night

— G (@_gracen27) June 1, 2016

high key (adj.)

Totally obvious or apparent OR what you heavily favor OR what needs to be said out loud. Often in the form of a hashtag #highkey. The opposite of #lowkey. As in, “That girl is for real #highkey gorgeous.” Or “#highkey don’t wanna go to that study session today.”

Jay next verse gonna be like “Daamn Daniel, it’s lit, fam / Netflix and chill with my chick, yeahhh”

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ) June 1, 2016

lit – (adj.)

Amazing, incredible. As in, “that party on Saturday night was lit!”
Bonus: “fire.” Same thing. But don’t say “on fire.” It’s just plain “fire.” As in, “Game of Thrones is fire right now.”


RT (noun)

Taken from Twitter, RT means you agree. As in, Q: “Do you like my new ombre hair color?” A: “Yes! RT RT RT RT.”

Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is gold

— ️ (@6pmInNYC) June 2, 2016

savage (adj.)

Brutal, hardcore. As in, “Did you see Steph Curry drop that three and turn around before it even went in? Savage.”

If you’re happy about this, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Ship Tayvin or not, they both have feelings and deserve respect.

— ˗ˏˋ kristin ˎˊ˗ (@marveloustune) June 2, 2016

ship (verb)

Short for relationship, but in a verb form. Used when you think someone should be in a relationship. As in, “I ship Jamie and Claire so hard.”

people that only post selfies on instagram sus af

— peyt (@anticipeyton) June 2, 2016

sus (adj.)

Short for suspect. As in, “Carl is acting sus right now. He’s either going to propose or he’s got a back-burner girl.”

Chick-Fil-A lowkey the best fastfood joint stay woke

— James (@James_Coin) June 2, 2016

woke (adj.)

Aware. Usually used in the phrase “stay woke”. As in, “Cersei better stay woke. The High Sparrow is working Tommen like a puppet.”

Have other internet slang terms that you’ve noticed trending? Let us know in the comments below.