Here’s a test for you: Go to your Facebook profile. At the top of the page, you’ll see “Worked at…” Click on that link. What do you see? Well, chances are, most of you see something like this:

What is THAT? It’s your business’ empty company page, that’s what it is. Ahhh, the company page. The red-headed development stepchild of the more popular Facebook Fan page. Well, how then do you redirect your work profile to show your company’s glorious fan page? Here’s the step-by-step. Warning: it’s requires a little technical fiddling, but don’t be scurred.

1) Use Firefox.

2) Install the Web Developer add-on toolbar.

3) Once you install the add-on and restart your browser, go to your business’ Facebook Fan page (or the business page of the company you want to add, e.g. past employers). In the URL, you should see something like “id=123456789”. That’s your fan page ID. Copy the numeric string (but not the “=” sign before it or the “/” after it.) If the page has a vanity URL, click on the profile picture in the top left corner, and you should see the id in the album URL.

4) Make sure you are logged into your FB profile, and then go to Info on the far left side of the screen, then to the Edit Education and Work page.

5) Click “edit” on the business profile you want to change.

6) Now, on the Developer toolbar (that add-on you just installed), go to “Forms” and click on “Display Form Details” in the dropdown menu.

7) Look for <input name=”employer_id”>:

8.) Paste the business’ Facebook Fan Page id number into that box. Click save while still in the “Display Form Details” mode.

9) Go back to the toolbar and uncheck the “Display Form Details” mode. If the business shows up correctly, you are good to go! If not, the most likely culprit is that the name of the business does not match up with Facebook’s name for the employer ID. In this case, you have to create a new “job”. If this is the case, keep on reading.

10) Enter your company name in the box “Where have you worked” just as if you were to add an employer normally. Click on Add “[insert company name]”

11) You should now be in the page where you add all the company info. Don’t do it. Go back and get into “Display Form Details” mode.

12) Add the employer ID like you tried to do earlier, and click “save” (without exiting the “Display Form Details” mode). This should do the trick. NOW exit the mode, and go edit your employer information as usual.

Now you can properly link your businesses’ Facebook fan page to your profile. Likewise, you should be able to do this for all your former employer links, as well as your school links. Let us know if this was helpful for you!