Do you remember your best professor in college? What was so good about him/her? Was it his teaching style? Or how she made the subject matter come alive? For me, Jim Olson was my go-to prof in  grad school. While his expertise in international affairs was undeniable, and his stories of his time in the CIA wildly fascinating, what really made him my favorite professor was his open-door policy.

When his door was closed, you knew he had work to do. However, when the door was open, he loved having students come in and fire away with questions (within reason, of course. He WAS a CIA officer – he didn’t answer them all.) His office was just down the hall from mine, and it would always put a pop in my step to walk down the hall and see his door propped open, even if it was just to say hello.  Even so, we knew that his time was valuable, so we didn’t waste it with chit-chat, but if we had a question about foreign policy topics, intelligence, or just our careers and possible options, he was totally game. People really valued his office hours.

So, what does that have to do with you, the agency/business/non-profit? Well, do you have “office hours”? Do people who know you, as a subject matter expert on X, have a regular chance to ask you questions in a relaxed setting? Do business owners and colleagues feel comfortable sharing with you what they are excited about, without fearing that they are being “sold” something? Happy hours are great and all, but what if you just need a couch and an ear?

For us at Buzzshift, we want to open our office to our friends, colleagues, and clients. To talk, to bounce ideas, to hang out. Maybe we end up collaborating on something, maybe one of us helps you push your idea forward just a little bit more, or maybe we just talk about trends we are seeing in the marketplace. Whatever. The door will be open.

Buzzshift Open Office Hours

Every Wednesday – 4pm-6pm

5307 East Mockingbird Lane #500
Dallas, TX 75206

A variation of this is David Cohen‘s office hours  (he of Techstars fame in Boulder). He hosts his availability on SparkCloud.