The last few months I have been running into more and more companies that have a so-called Social Media Rockstar or Expert on their team which seems very intriguing. One of the first questions that I always ask them is what their daily routine looks like.

I get a few different answers but most revolve around different Social Networking Platform tactics and creating conversation/engaging their target audience blah blah blah. But a commonality with the more successful Social Media campaigns always involves a minimum of two people, which fit into the following categories: The Builder and the Nurturer.

The Builder:

The person who develops the framework and overall Social Media strategy.

The Nurturer:

The person and/or people who promote/engage conversation, drives the brand and generates awareness.

If you have one person in your company that holds both of these positions then chances are they are lacking focus. In order to effectively create a voice for your brand online you must leverage a minimum of two people no matter how great of a rockstar you may have on your team.

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