If you’ve been stalking BuzzShift on the Twitters or the Facebooks, you have seen us brag about our friend Brian Braun, Dallas commercial photographer extraordinaire. A while back Brian stopped by BuzzShift HQ with his camera

, team of assistants, and case of Red Bull to do an epic BuzzShift photoshoot. There were lots of wardrobe changes, bicycle rides, laughs, and zero diva moments (thank goodness).

You may be wondering why we would bring in a professional photographer to do a photoshoot with our team. Well, besides our love of suiting up, we believe in adding valuable content to every aspect of our digital life.

In a previous post we talked about the necessity of content strategy to get end-users engaged in your brand. Another way our photoshoot ties into content strategy is that it gave us a great opportunity to generate tweets, Facebook, blog, Google Plus, and Instagram of our antics. While we’re sad to say that a few phone batteries died in the process, that multi-channel sharing allows others to be a part of our experience, and to get a peek inside Buzzshift culture.

You can see the final photos on our profiles (check out Cameron’s serious business face), but we thought it would be fun to show off some behind-the-scenes footage we shared on our social media channels. You should also watch the behind-the-scenes video (which got some play of its own on ISO1200.com and Profoto’s blog). Let us know what you think!

There was much debate over who would bring more wardrobe options. Cameron won by a landslide.

Cameron makes Google look good.

Brian giving directions, “squint your eyes and don’t smile. Squint! SQUINT!”

Michael trying not to smile while squinting and texting.

 And here’s the final shot.

 Mark Barrera showing everyone how it’s done, except for Elysa Ellis who’s too busy texting.

Blue Steel

We love Elysa and she loves her phone.

Meagan making love to the camera.

Smiling and squinting, ta-da!

Eddy is so fresh, so clean.

Are you sensing a trend with all the cell phones?

James Loomstein, too good for behind-the-scenes.

Cameron and Eddy riding tandem on a bicycle? The Redbull must have kicked in.

…and here’s the finished product!

Team BuzzShift – casual edition

Team BuzzShift – professional edition