If you are following us on the Book of Faces, you have probably seen photos of some renovations we’ve done, like our snazzy new bar or our portal to our next door neighbors, OvenBits.

Well, along with the overhaul to the space and to our website, we had the chance to change some of the images and profile pics that we’ve pieced together over the last 3+ years. Our content strategy for our clients always involves visuals, including photos, videos and infographics. They are great “hooks” to get the end user interested in the meat of the blog post, and they answer the question of “why would I want to share this out with my friends?” Finally, with the rise of Pinterest and Flipboard, it just makes sense to have visuals on every blog post, no matter how technical or text-rich. For us, though, the photos (and the photoshoot) are definitely the funner part of content strategy!

Our friend Brian Braun, THE Dallas commercial photographer, set up shop in the office and, armed with nothing but photography gear and Red Bull, proceeded to do a full-on photoshoot with us. We had a blast with Braun, and soon you’ll see some of the fruits of his efforts on this site. In the meantime, here is the behind-the-scenes vid (which even got some play of its own on ISO1200.com). Enjoy!