(Bacon French Toast at Bacon. BAM!)

The last day of panels at SXSWi found our CEO Cameron Gawley and CSO Eddy Badrina needing some serious coffee and bacon french toast.

While Cameron and Eddy were wrapping up their SXSWi adventure, Team BuzzShift kept tabs on what was happening in Austin.  Here’s a quick view of what crossed our radar.


Eddy sat in on the The Airbnb of Anything: the Growth of P2P markets. The panel highlighted Peer-to-Peer marketplaces, the hot start-up space this year, reporting remarkable growth and unleashing a wave a disruptive innovation.

Our favorite tweets:

@eddybadrina In the early days of your startup, do things that DON’T scale. Customizing for first clients/users is key. – @airbnb‘s Gebbia cc @cgawley

@liquidspace: “We shared well for 99% of human history. Collaborative consumption is helping us get back there” – #collabcons #p2p #sxsw

@eddybadrina Rise of P2P markets was partially caused by economic downshift. Movement from the WANT of sharing to the NEEd to share. #p2p #sxsw

@eddybadrina This #P2P panel has morphed into tactical advice for all startups. Brilliant job,@TaskRabbit  @thredUP @socialadvoc8 @airbnb #sxsw

We love this perspective: @lulugrimm: Strong comp. culture+product = quality community. Find 100 people that LOVE you, not million that kinda like you. #SXSW

While Eddy talked startup optimization, Cameron checked out Why Ad Agencies Should Act More Like Tech Startups, and discussed how ad agencies need to embrace the Culture of Code in order to stay relevant.

Our favorite tweets:

@tim_leake “Simple’ is easy to use, difficult to build & difficult to charge for.” #agenciesvsstartups

@tim_leake: Specialization is the enemy of innovation. But generalization is the enemy of excellence. #dilemma #agenciesvsstartups

@WingmanAgency: Enjoyed @reiinamoto talk on #agenciesvsstartups at #sxsw yesterday. Favorite quote: “Startups need a hacker, a hustler, and a hipster.”

That last quote is words to live by for Team BuzzShift.

Some extras from Tuesday:

This article on Pinteret’s founder, Ben Silbemann, lit a fire in Eddy;

@eddybadrina Great insight for #startup founders. RT @SAI: Meet Ben Silbermann, The Brilliant Young Co-Founder Of Pinterest read.bi/AFgkJa

Cameron had the opportunity to meet with Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch (pictured right).

Wrap Up

SXSWi 2012 proved to be as dynamic and full-force as years passed for Team BuzzShift, so much so it’s impossible to put it all down on ye old BuzzShift blog. We hope we’ve given you some insights and inspiration to check out SXSWi for yourself but remember, you’ll need to schedule a few days of recovery from, as Eddy put it best, #sxinsanity.

Lazy morning in the Hill Country,winding down with the fam after #sxinsanity. #jayzaftervacation [pic] — path.com/p/15dKfc

— Eddy Badrina (@eddybadrina) March 14, 2012