SXSWi is famous for secret parties and shows and if you don’t call it secret in startup, it’s just not cool. This year was no different, as our CSO Eddy Badrina was up at 5am standing in line to attend a secret Jay-Z concert on Monday night; here’s the tweet to prove it:

@eddybadrina Yup. HOVA. (@ Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater for Amex Sync Show Presenting JAY Z w/ 12 others)

But Monday was more than Jay Z #ballsohard, Team BuzzShift kept tabs on what was happening in Austin.  Here’s a quick view of what crossed our radar.


Branded Documentary: Cause Marketing’s Best Media? Focused on the success of Procter and Gamble’s documentary: Pantene Beautiful Lengths. PBL has donated over 272,000 ponytails for real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society, and also generated significant ROI for the brand itself. sidenote: There wasn’t a dry eye at this panel after viewing a portion of the documentary was shown.

Our favorite tweets:

@eddybadrina Pantene Beautiful Locks is the #1 driver of site referrals to #BrandedDoc #sxsw

@eddybadrina For Pantene, film opened up budgets & partnerships b/c of its draw. Used it as foundation for other mktg building blocks. #BrandedDoc #sxsw

@SusanHMorales: If the brand is the hero of the cause campaign or documentary that is the kiss of death #BrandedDoc #SXSW

Other panels we checked out:

How to Harvest Consumer Intent on the Social Web Discussed the importance of  identifying consumers who have overtly expressed interest and to ‘harvest their intent’ by helping them to bridge the gap between discovery and action.

Our favorite tweets:

@hannahlaw: AJ Vaynerchuk says, ‘Brands integrate more naturally into interest graph than social graph’ #SXSW #someintent

@dhrosen “If all you do is show, the only thing users will do is look.” Brands need to interact with users, not just post #someintent #SXSW

BuzzShift’s takeaway from Monday’s panels was branding with genuine intent and a creative edge. The day wrapped up with Tech Zulu interviewing Eddy in the SXSW Startup Village about his insights and experience in startups.