After two days of torrential rain one twitter said “Austin’s looking muddier than Woodstock ’94” – @BtotheD. Sunday the sun finally made an appearnace and reenergized the crowds at SXSWi. Our team was reenergized by their anual brunch at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill. King Ranch Casserole, anyone?

While our CSO Eddy Badrina, our CEO Cameron Gawley are getting their grub on, Team BuzzShift kept tabs on what was happening in Austin.  Here’s a quick view of what crossed our radar.


Last year IAC Chairman and media mogul Barry Diller encouraged the fight against net neutrality legislation and fight for digital freedom. This year, Diller followed up with an interview: Barry Diller: State of the Content Industry 2012 where he discussed his concerns concerning the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our favorite tweets:

@afairweather “There are relatively few areas in which you don’t have to say ‘How is the environment changing and what can I do better'” #sxsw #bdiller

@OgilvySA“I don’t really like this word ‘entrepreneur’. I think it’s pretentious.” – Barry Diller #sxsw #bdiller

@afairweather For Diller succeeding is just “one dumb step in front of the other”, sticking at it, eventually getting lucky. #sxsw #bdiller

The Content and Coding are Not Commodities panel was up next, using case studies from the New York Times and Huffington Post to discuss language barriers between coders and content writers.

Our favorite tweets:

@mk_rossi Where I sit in relation to developers matters. Closer is better #cubesstink #sxsw #commodity

@mk_rossi What is the experience we’re trying to build for the end user? Bridges the gap between code and content #sxsw #commodity

@mk_rossi #startups have opportunity to bring cross functional teams in on the process early on #smb #sxsw #commodity

Eddy attended the 21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy’s Rise. Here are a few of his tweets:

@eddybadrina Social giving best practices by @crowdrise: Gaming badges, redeemable pts for social good purchases, semi-anon donations #sxsw #21stgiving

@eddybadrina Gap in social giving: ways for small businesses to link up with small non-profits for cause-mktg campaigns. #21stgiving #sxsw #ournextapp

He also offered some friendly advice to startups:

@eddybadrinaIf you are a startup, and you are not at the #sxsw Startup Village meeting VCs, angels, mentors, you are DUMB.

Eddy and Cameron spent a large part of day three in the SXSW Startup Village where they made contacts and even scored a resource for startups.  The guys hustled so hard Cameron lost his voice, but that’s SXSWi for you.