Our Team

Who We Are

Though we’ve been around for over a decade now and rank as one of the “oldest” digital strategy agencies, we still sometimes think of ourselves as a startup–and we work (and play) like it.

It’s part of our culture. We’re picky when picking new team members, choosing to work with people who think like entrepreneurs and can get %$!# done. We’re intelligent, curious, flexible, funny, and hard-working (as we need to be). As a result, we’re always able to stay on top of technology and trends, and can handle any project from designing a website to planning a concert.

The Crew.

Cameron Gawley

CEO, Co-Founder

Eddy Badrina

President, Co-Founder

Grant Denton

Managing Director

Amanda Keir

Digital Strategist

Miriama Kovacikova

Account Director

Igor De Lima

Web Designer

Daisah Riley

Digital Content Strategist

Ryan Harvey

Senior Art Director

Christina DiPietro

Senior Paid Media Manager

Hayden Bernstein

Account Manager

Yaroslava Vasyutynska

Account Manager

Anna Grace Zuckerman

Account Manager

Natalie Romeo

Paid Media Manager

Matt Gilroy

Motion Designer

Sarah Yarbrough

Production Designer

Want to join our team?

We believe that the best teams are made up of different types of people who share a common goal.

Our team is a mix of strategists, writers, designers, developers, introverts, extroverts, dog lovers and cat lovers, but we’re all brought together by a love for digital strategy. Our diversity makes us stronger, smarter, and, most importantly, more creative.


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Don’t be shy, say hello! We’ll utilize every tool in our digital arsenal to empower you to listen to your customers, reach out to potential clients, engage with relevant audiences, and increase revenue opportunities. All you have to do is drop us a line.