Anna Grace Zuckerman

Account Manager

Anna Grace (“AG”) is a Digital Account Manager, well-versed in designing and executing digital plans of action, strategically developed to work towards, and accomplish, business objectives. Her strong background in data analytics and business intelligence, leads to her core belief that strategy decisions must be data driven! With data on her side, she knows her clients can expect results.

When AG’s not in the office, using data to deliver success, she can be found outdoors, usually fly fishing with her fur baby, Tucker the golden retriever, or practicing archery and flinging arrows at targets up to 70m away! But if the weather is no good, AG enjoys relaxing while tying flies for her next fishing adventure and trying new whiskeys on the rocks!

In high school, AG couldn’t afford to buy a boat so she built one. After reflecting on the process for 15 years, she’s perfected the design and is starting her second model!

Little known facts about Anna Grace

On my 17th birthday my right middle toe was accidentally cut off. It was a clean cut so they were able to reattach it.

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