Matt Gilroy

Motion Designer

Upon graduating from OU in 2012, Matt was blown back home to Dallas. Like, literally. He was physically picked up by the wind and carried 190-some-odd miles South, grasping desperately at grasses and local brush along the way, unable to stop until he bounced off the side of a Hyundai Sonata parked outside the library downtown. 

So he got up, dusted himself off, left a note on the Sonata apologizing about the dent, and decided he might as well just stay and edit some videos while he was at it. So he did.

Since then, he got a cat, had the greatest summer of his life while MoviePass still worked before they realized letting people see movies for free wasn’t a real business model, occasionally gets the “Whistle Stop” song from the credits of Disney’s 1973 animated classic, Robin Hood, stuck in his head for weeks at a time, and has stopped trying to make walking-around-while-wearing-a-fully-deployed-parachute a “fashion statement.” This last and most recent change has also helped considerably with regards to the aforementioned bodily abduction vis-á-vis the wind that had been a serious, recurring problem.

When asked for directions, Matt just tells them to go down a few blocks and hang a left because he’s too ashamed to admit he doesn’t know any directions.

Little known fact about Matt

Matt has really strong opinions and is more the “philosophical” type. 

When asked for quotes and little known facts he’d send me stuff like: 

“I don’t think we should go full on “Purge,” but I think if you go to a bar during their Halloween night event without a costume, I should be allowed to, like, just shove you really hard one time.”

“Why do octopi have beaks? Why would someone do that?”

“What kind of person actually makes someone wait to start eating until the whole table has their food? It’s 2019.”

(P.S.: as the admin of these pages… the year in the last quote will mark the year when Matt started at Buzzshift … who knows what other trends will the future years bring.)

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