Miriama Kovacikova

Account Director

Miriama has done everything and lived everywhere. She speaks all the languages, and has worked as a translator and interpreter all over Europe. Along the way, she’s escaped from a high-security prison in Paris; discussed secrets in a nuclear research facility in Bordeaux; played professional tennis; and wrote laws in the European Parliament in Luxembourg. She’s probably Jason Bourne, but doesn’t remember it.

Miriama works as an Account Manager at BuzzShift, where she helps translate clients’ wishes to the creative team and uses her OCD to keep everything running on time and within budget.

Currently, she’s growing an avocado instead of, you know, buying one.

Little known facts about Miriama

Miriama likes sports, but not “American sports,” like NASCAR or the good kind of football. She lives for homemade French toast (or, as the French call it, “toast”) and crepes (or, as the Americans call it, “really thin pancakes”). She’s a cat person and her two little cats – Attila and Croquette – bring endless joy to her life. They also ate the avocado she was growing.

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