Going Bananas
Over Mooala

How we use social media CPM
to drive CPG sales IRL.

Something New In Store.

Mooala Bananamilk is a unique product: a dairy-free, organic, plant-based beverage. We had been involved with the Dallas-based startup almost from its start, producing social media content that animated and brought to life the “Mooala Koala” character featured in its logo.

After gaining shelf space in a few grocery stores, Mooala had an opportunity to grow after being accepted into Whole Foods stores throughout the Southwest. However, most Whole Foods shoppers didn’t know Mooala existed, let alone why they should buy it.

What We Did

Content Creation
Creative Strategy
Paid Media
Content Strategy
A/B Testing
Web Design

Ad Creative, Targeting & Creative Targeting

We created a series of awareness videos, targeting people who fit our ideal demographic and lived within three miles of specific Whole Foods stores. People who viewed videos were then retargeted with consideration content, matching their stage in the customer journey. Each set of ads linked to a landing page, where people could get more info and download an in-store coupon.

To measure impact of the campaign on sales, we ran an A/B test: the ads were run in some cities, but not others. Since Whole Foods provides store-level sales data, we could track if test stores outperformed control group stores.

Passing the Test.

Weekly sales compared to the Control Group

During Campaign
+ 0 %
Increase In Sales Lift
2 Weeks After Campaign
+ 0 %
Increase In Sales Lift

Through smart social advertising, we were able to create loyal customers for a new product.
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