Sandwich Selling

How a combination of runny yolk, punny copy,
and spot-on ad targeting created Eggwich success.

The Opportunity

WhichWich was launching a new line of sandwiches. These Eggwiches™ were each topped by a runny, sunny-side-up egg, which made them a bit messy to eat. In collaboration with the client, we decided to lean in to this aspect, creating faux-indecent “yolk porn” content.

What We Did

Content Creation
Creative Strategy
Paid Media
Content Strategy

The Plan.

We created an online advertising campaign utilizing Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal was to drive sales of the sandwiches through the website’s “order online” page. The campaign ran for three months, during which time we tested and optimized the ad variations and targeting parameters.

The Results

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Return on advertising spend
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Online Sales Generated
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Of total online order revenue

Digitally Led, Not Digitally Limited.

One of the images we created for social media featured a Which Wich storefront with egg-themed decals photoshopped onto the windows. The client liked the concept so much, they recreated it in the real world on the windows of their flagship store―a true case of life imitating art.